SMTP + IMAP + POP3 + Antispam + Antivirus
Web administration + Web email
...on your server in ~5 minutes

Fast deployment

You can have full-featured mailserver installed in couple minutes mostly waiting until script get job done. Whole package was designed with sane defaults to start quickly without knowing internals and without doing decisions which can break e-mail system.

Data has its own volume

User data and configuration is strictly separated from binaries. User database is stored in SQLite database - in file. Therefore can be fully used with external storages. Migration, backups or updates are therefore very easy and mostly consist of files manipulation.

Security is created since beginning with security in mind. Internet history is full of painful security incidents, so we traded old email clients compatibility and insecure authentication methods for features which fits modern security requirements.

Built with Open Source

Installing full featured mail server from Open Source components is not simple task - see schema. Making the necessary plumbing with easy to use web administration is another challenge. Installation of consists of three easy steps and couple minutes to have ready to use full featured robust email server.


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